Innovative Software Algorithms & Tools
Session V
Grid and Distributed Computing Techniques

Thursday October 19, 2000 - 02:00  - 03:30 PM

1 West

Chair: Luciano Barone

Abstract #


ISAT501 Worldwide Distributed Analysis and Data Grids for Next-Generation Physics Experiments
Abstract             Slides              Paper
H. Newman
ISAT502 Using CORBA for remote participation in large physics experiments
Abstract             Slides             Paper
B.U. Niderost, A.A. Gerritsen, W. Lourens, et. al.
ISAT503 Protocols and Services for Distributed Data-Intensive Science
Abstract              Slides              Paper
B. Allock, A. Chervenak, I. Foster, et. al.
ISAT504 Condor-G: A Computation Management Agent for Multi-Institutional Grids
Abstract             Slides              Paper
I. Foster, M. Livny, T. Tanenbaum, et. al.
ISAT505 Simulating Distributed Systems
Abstract             Slides              Paper
I. Legrand

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