Artificial Intelligence
Session IV
Theoretical Aspects and Other Topics

Thursday October 19, 2000 - 02:00  - 03:30 PM


Chair: Chris Kiesling

Abstract #


AI401 Clopper-Pearson Bounds for Neural Networks
Abstract              Slides             Paper
B. Berg
AI402 Ring recognition method based on the elastic neural net
Abstract             Slides             Paper
I. Kisel, S. Gorbunov, e. Konotopskaya, et. al.
AI403 Experimenting with rule induction algorithms in HEP data analysis
Abstract              Slides              Paper
N. Stepanov
AI404 A multivariate discrimination technique based on range searching
Abstract              Slides              Paper
T. Carli, B. Koblitz
AI405 Using Ensembles of Neural Networks in HEP Analyses
Abstract             Slides             Paper
C. Bhat, P. Bhat
AI406 A Dynamic Self-Organising Job Scheduling System
Abstract             Slides              Paper
H. Newman, I.C. Legrand

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