Fermilab conducts scientific research in particle physics by investigating the smallest building blocks of matter – with a focus on the research frontiers of higher energy, greater intensity, and the extreme cosmic environment.
We conduct experiments on these building blocks in order to understand the forces that hold them together or force them apart. Scientists in this field also work to create, develop and extend the theories used to predict the results of experiments. The calculations are quite complex and make use of large scale computing to obtain the results.
To explore finer and finer details, the experiments push forward on three interrelated frontiers of: energy, intensity, and cosmic. Higher energy collisions observe in finer detail. More intense beams produce more infrequent, rare results from the collisions. Cosmic events – whether the detection of cosmic rays, the discovery of exploding stars, or matter collapsing into black holes – provide opportunities for observation of frontier conditions very difficult to create here on earth.

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