Supercomputing 2008
Accelerating Science

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Cafe Signs:


Booth Setup:

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CDMS: Cold Dark Matter Search  

Artistic Model

Left to Right
Kurt Risselmann
John Urish
Dave Burk
Curtiss Danner
Erik Ramberg
Dan Bauer

Booth Setup

Show Pictures

Front Row:Matt Crawford, Bakul Banergee, Eric Stern, Bob Peterson, Jonghee Yoo
Back Row:Rick Snider, Keith Chadwick, Tom Jordan, David Ritchie, Phil Demar, Eric Vaandering, John Urish, Vicky White, Paul Rossman, Mary Hawthorne, Tim Rupp.
Not present:Marcia Teckenbrock, Ruth Pordes

Group photo by Ginny Ritchie

Personnel Group
Video by John Urish, David Ritchie
Fermilab SC2008 Exhibit

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